Voting FAQ

Find answers about deadlines, notaries, stamps, and more!

What states require a notary signature?

Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Dakota require an official notary public signature on absentee ballots.

Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin all require an adult witness to sign absentee ballots.

Oklahoma and South Dakota also allow a copy of a valid ID to be submitted with the absentee ballot, in replace of the notary signature.

Is it too late to request my absentee ballot?

Most states’ deadlines for ballot requests are in late October. However, we recommend students request their ballots by October 13th to allow for processing and delivery delays.

Where can I find stamps for my absentee ballot requests?

Both Davis Library and the MailCenter are working with MiddVotes to provide free stamps to all students who need on for their absentee ballot requests.

Find stamps at the mailcenter warehouse and the Davis front desk during their open hours.

Where do I mail my ballot?

There are two mailboxes on campus– on College Street by Battell Loop, and at the side entrance to McCullough Student Center

Request your absentee ballot now!

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